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How to Select a Professional Cleaning Firm

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Do they have good References?

PGF Carpet & Floor Care enjoys a golden reputation in the cleaning industry. We are referred by people of all professions, the area’s most seasoned floor covering experts, Interior designers and realtors. Our reputation insures that you can trust our company to provide you with the best Extraordinary Experience you will never forget!

Are they well educated?

PGF Carpet & Floor Care is committed to the highest order of education and training. Our Firm is certified. Never use a company that is not certified.

Do they understand customer service?

Our mission is to provide you with the Best Extraordinary Experience you will never forget. We are committed to showing up on time in a professional lettered van, dress to impress in uniform with photo badges ready to serve you in the most courteous manner possible.

Which system do they use?

 The equipment that a cleaning company use is very important. PGF Carpet & Floor Care uses only the highest quality most advance state-of-the-art equipment on the market today. The system we use will get maximum soil removal without over wetting your floor or fabric and without leaving a sticky residue behind.

What kind of experience do they have?

PGF has been caring for the finest floors and fabric since 2000. We are experience in removing some of the most difficult soils and stains. This insures that whatever your situation is, we are going to put our experience to work, so that we give it our best to solve the problem at hand.

Do you get what you pay for?

Never select a cleaning firm based on price alone. A low priced service could actually damage your carpet or fabric costing you more in the long run. PGF Carpet & Floor Care charges more than other companies, but you get what you pay for. It’s impossible for a company to provide you with the best extraordinary experience you will never forget; if they can’t afford to invest in the best education and equipment.

Do they use top quality products?

PGF Carpet & Floor Care refuses to use discount products, because cheap products can damage your carpet and fabrics. The products we use are safe for the outside environment as well as the indoor environment.

Do they guarantee their work?

Our guarantee to you is that if you are not completely satisfied with the service experience that you receive from our company, we will schedule an appointment immediately at no charge, and no obligation to make things right. If you are still unimpressed, we will offer you a complete refund.

Referral Rewards Program

For each new customer you refer to us we will give you a 10% referral commission. The referral commission will be mailed to you when the entire invoice is paid. Repeat business do not qualify for the commission. Remember we Guarantee our work, so don’t hesitate to refer someone to us.