Our Mission: 

To provide YOU with the

Best Extraordinary Experience you will never forget! 

PGF Carpet & Floor Care, Inc.

About Us

PGF Carpet & Floor Care has earned a golden reputation on Angie’s List, and we are a 99% referred company. We do not do a lot of advertisement; we operate off word of mouth marketing. Our Associates attend several cleaning trade shows a year; we also attend customer service seminars every year. And we truly believe that customer service is the heartbeat to our company.

Our Mission:

To provide you with the Best Extraordinary Experience that you will never forget.

Tawonia Taylor


PGF Carpet & Floor Care has been in the cleaning industry since 1999,

it all started when I was at a friend’s house and they were having their carpets cleaned. I could not help but to notice how rude the two young men were; their dress attire was very unprofessional, and they had no good customer service skills. This was a company that was very

well known at the time. They are now down to one truck with all kinds of complaints against them. This is a company that has been in business for about 25 years, and will have a very hard time rebounding from the complaints and bad customer service they have provided.